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Last project we have been working on

Phsyical Web

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The Physical Web is an effort to extend

the superpower of the web - the URL -

to everyday physical objects.

Our premise is that you should be able

to walk up to any “smart” physical object

(e.g. a vending machine, a poster, a toy, a

bus stop, a rental car) and interact with

it without first downloading an app.

What is Proximity Marketing.

What does it do for me.


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A beacon is a small piece of technology

that sends out almost continuous radio

waves that can be picked up by the

phones of passers-by. These waves

manifest themselves either as push

messages in a downloaded app or a URL

​​​​​​​ through the Physical Web.

Get More Visitors/Customers

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Now that customers are alerted with

proximity push notifications, it will help

to boost your presence and drive new

customer sales, reaching an audience

that was once invisible. Your sales boost

​​​​​​​will exceed your expectations.

Market Your Business...
Where Ever YOU ARE!

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What we provide

1Beacon $45each
Each Order $10 Shipping US only..

Contact support for overseas shipping rate

1Custom Landing Page
Landing Pages mimic your site...
If you dont have a site please Click Here​​​​​​​   
​​​​​​​(One Landing Page can be added to 4 Beacons)
(2 Free Revise each addtional Revise $25)

Monthly analytics
ONLY $20
Mo. After

Orders can take 14 days to ship